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2021 Annual Report – Working Faith Fellowship Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia

Moyale, Kenya & Ethiopia is our most remote mission field and without running water or electricity. It is also home to some of the worst, most murderous fighting that had been going on “forever” as well as a drought that is currently one of the worst they have ever seen. It consists of the following fellowships:

Kuraa, Kenya fellowship led by ABRAHAM QUMBI & KULA WAQO

Sololo, Kenya fellowship led by KULE DIDA and BONAYA and women’s leader RUTH DAKI

Golole Goda, Ethiopia fellowship we have HALKANO MALICHA and QALICHA HALAKE

Dibu Dadacha, Kenya, fellowship led by ROB ABAGUDO, SAKE WARIO and TARI WAQO (church built in early 2021)

Some of the accomplishments in 2021 are:

1) Building a Church in Dibu Dadcha
2) Buying a much needed 3 wheel motorcycle with a pickup bed to carry water, food, etc many miles and most importantly, to be able to reach areas to evangelize that were previously unreached without this blessing.
3) Tents and water backpacks for evangelistic missions
4) Dozens of Bibles for the dear brethren
5) 2 Widows Homes

6) Built a house for dear brother Abdub

21 year old Brother Abdub is still struggling with his paralyzation and POTTS Disease (Spinal TB) that decimated his spine leaving him disabled for life basically in a bed as his sores and physical condition for the last 3.5 years is deteriorating. It’s a miracle he is still alive.

The needs are incredibly great and surely we won’t list them here as it’s a time for rejoicing and reflecting back on 2021. All I will say is that the unrighteous “lockdown” had decimated the 3rd World and over 1.2 million more people have and are dying in the 3rd World directly because of those godless measures. That’s in addition to the 22,000 children under 5 years old and 9,000+ adults that die daily (every 24 hours) due to man-made poverty related conditions.


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