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All Things in Common – and YOU? Millions Suffer from Jiggers in Africa.

This exhortation was inspired by our missions in Kenya where 1.5 million souls suffer from debilitating Jiggers. A cure can be administered for $5 USD per person yet millions suffer per year in Africa! WWJD? What are you commanded to do? Listen below. INSPIRED BY THE BELOW EMERGENCY 1st WorldRead More

2023 Update Working Faith Fellowship Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia- Global Mission for Children

2023 Update Working Faith Fellowship Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia- Global Mission for Children

Dear Miss Robe from Northern Kenya Gets Healed by Others Love & Obedience

The INCREDIBLE Sacrifices to get Medical Attention for the Impoverished

Please watch the video below and take action.

Global Mission 4 Children Chat Transcript Raw Mission Update Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia September 2023

A Must Watch 82 Seconds About What We Do

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Dozens of Disabled Children Need Help ASAP

After helping these 2 disabled children last year in a very remote village we are ministering in, dozens have brought their children to get help and we simply don’t have the funds available to transport them to a hospital in Nairobi that has agreed to operate on them for noRead More


Does Your Son or Daughter or Sibling Live in a Dump?

These people are not lazy… They did not get themselves in this situation (living in a dump) like so many (not all) on the streets of the 1st World do. To absolutely no fault of their own, these precious souls were viciously lied to and have ended up living inRead More

Moyale Kenya Ethiopia Drought 11 2022 Love God Banner


The Horn of Africa where we have multiple mission fields is experiencing what is looking like the worst drought in history. They just missed another rainy season with no measurable rain. That’s now 2.5+ YEARS with no rain. It’s absolutely devastating and countless millions are starving with many dying. LivestockRead More

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Helping Disabled Children to Glorify Jesus

Our ministry serves about 2500 per month at last count (those in our churches). Further, we do outreaches and reach as many more as we can but we are limited greatly by funds versus the need out there. First, we minister to their Spiritual needs and we also in conjunctionRead More

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