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Murder in the Moyale Streets yet the Joy of Jesus Reigns

Look at how the Joy of Jesus is expressed above in the picture in spite of the mass murder that you will read about below. The 1st World turns a blind eye to the 3rd World. This includes the all the lukewarm, Revelation 3:16 “christians” that will be spewed out of Jesus’ mouth on judgment day. Below is an update from dear brother William on the horrible tribal fighting and also of the blessings of the Lord that is brought about by a few obedient souls who receive God’s grace by constantly abiding in Him.

UPDATES FROM FEBRUARY 2021: Prayer item brother Jimmy as murder is everywhere around us. Please pray for peace between the BORANA AND GABRE tribes, there are many clashes going on and many people are killed. Continue praying for Peace as the end is near brother, three people were slaughtered yesterday in Moyale and a lot of tribal clashes is on going between Borana and Gabra. Insecurity is too much you see dead bodies all over and hear gun shoot and tribal clashes constantly ,it is very terrible. More than fourteen people died last week as you see burial services all over. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

In spite of all the godless horror, we are continuing to do the Lord’s work no matter what the cost. We are evangelizing almost every day and also labouring on the projects the Lord has put in front of us.

FEB 21ST, 2021: We are doing good in the Lord, praise His Holy name, we had blessed Sunday worship today. All brethren are well, we thank God for all our fellowship in Moyale Kenya and Ethiopia, God is doing much. Thank you for your great support dear brother; spiritually and physically. Many are smiling and enjoying the joy of Jesus because of what the Lord has done through you and WFF/GMFC.

Widows are giving thanks for the greatest thing which they have not expected to have the beautiful house built for them, the needy having food to survive, orphans getting what they need and Muslims are hearing gospel all for the glory of Jesus. I really appreciate for all your concern for this third world country. The land for church construction is ready now, all process completed we will start tomorrow and God willing I will update you. Let keep praying dear brother, very soon we will start the church construction and it will be very wonderful house of prayer.

Let keep praying for Peace, especially this Muslim region. Thanks so much to the few that help us financially, without them, we would not have helped so many. Much needed but we thank God all the incredibly things we have accomplished since we yoked with GMFC back in 2013. The King is on the Throne as we shall never look back as we experience the eternal joy of Jesus.

-Brother William Wario (Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia Overseer)

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