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Prayer on the Mountain Moyale

Prayer on Moyale Mountain as Murder Rages On

Murder rages on day after day on our Moyale, Kenya & Ethiopia mission fields. Help us support these precious souls as they continue to preach the gospel, take care of the orphan and widow and pray for the lost souls who are murdering each other. Help us support these brethren. 100%Read More


Preaching the Gospel at All Cost in Kenya & Ethiopia

The brethren in Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia are in the middle of two wars. A spiritual war which all true Christians are in against the principalities and powers of darkness. The other war they are in the middle of is the war between 4 tribes that have been murdering eachRead More

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3 Muslims Repent, a Widows Home Built & Preaching Goes Forth

AUGUST 29th UPDATE: Hello brethren, please continue to pray for this area there is fear of Al Shababa terrorists. The governments of Kenya and Ethiopia have sent letters alerting us to be careful. We thank God for his faithfulness and caring for us as we continue witnessing the true gospel noRead More

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3 Day Discipleship Training for 60+ Youth from our Local Fellowships

Greetings in the name of our Lord brethren. We had great discipleship training for our our youth from each of our local fellowships. Over sixty attended and they were really glad to get this incredible opportunity to be edified by word of God as we trained them to be true disciples of Jesus.Read More


The Golole Goda Ethiopian Church is Finished! Praise JESUS!

Praise the Lord brethren. We are grateful to give this powerful update. This month we are so blessed in our fellowship spiritually and physically. We have day and night programs of evangelism reaching lost souls.There is some challenges here and there are terrorists named Al Shabab who are targeting churches butRead More

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Widow Home Constructed, Handicap Helped & The Word Goes Forth In Moyale Kenya & Ethiopia

Praise the LORD. We are building a widow who has been shunned by her family & villagers which is typical here in Kenya, she is doubly shunned for having AIDS which her husband died of years ago. Her youngest child, a 3 year old boy is also infected with the dreaded disease.Read More

The 1st School in This Area is Being Built for JESUS!

Imagine not having access to a school at all for your child and then imagine living in a mud hut with no electricity or water. On top of that, there are tribal and government clashes often with murder and mayhem on the streets. This is exactly how much of theRead More

Heartbreak & Clean Water Arrives in Moyale Kenya AND Ethiopia

It’s heartbreaking to see how many people are literally dying daily from man-made poverty related conditions. I recently made a video that features a scene from our Moyale Ethiopia mission field where a young girl is digging feet down to find just a few drops of water for her familyRead More

Preaching to Thousands of “Lost” Refugees in Moyale Kenya

APRIL 29th UPDATE: Praise the Lord brethren, we had wonderful fellowship with refugees from Ethiopia today. God gave me opportunity to share with them the Gospel of Jesus There are more than 1000 huts but few say that they had heard about Jesus. The location of the refugee camp isRead More


Murder is everywhere on our mission fields of Moyale Ethiopia & Moyale Kenya. Please help us below as these saints are on the front-lines evangelizing in the midst of this worldly fighting. The have absolutely no fear and have counted the cost to serve Jesus. Brother William Kosi updates usRead More

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