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Another Widow Raped and Brethren Knifed All Because of Jesus

True Christians know the cost to follow Jesus as witnessed daily on all our 3rd World mission fields. Sadly, the vast majority in this world, especially those in the 1st world, have no idea who Jesus truly is and will end up in an eternal Lake of Fire. Along with the wretched news of yet another widow raped and the brethren attacked with a knife yielding sinner comes rejoicing as 50 Bibles in the Borana language were distributed to brethren a few days ago. These brethren continued and will continue evangelizing and doing the work of the Lord, even if it means being martyred. There is no higher reward. Glorious!

So many reject the living Word of God and will pay eternally, but, to the few humble souls that truly repent and obey (walk the narrow path) ’til the end, Heaven will be your home. You will be viciously hated if you choose to believe in the one and only God as William explains below but eternity it a VERY long time. Choose wisely! As for me (Joshua 24:15 ). Below is the update from our dear indigenous missionary, brother William:

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