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Hello brethren, the widow we built the home for, Dansa Kulu, is doing good with her children. They are growing up and we thank God for his provision for the downtrodden who have been cut off from their entire family and village just because of a medical condition. We encouraged her and her 4 year old child to continue using the traditional medicine and we look forward to the new natural medicine we will be receiving through the GMFC medical program we are launching this week. They look healthier thanks to Jesus because of a fer faithful saints. The relatives and villagers who discriminated her before are now become closer after seeing her progress in life (as sad as that may be that they separated from her when she looked sickly). The way of the world. Psalm 23:5 “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

Fellowships are pressing on well beside the insecurity on the boarder between Ethiopian government and Ethiopian militia. The GODA GOTU fellowship stopped due to incredible insecurity as the entire village ran away to a safer place because murder was everywhere. The SOLOLO fellowship is progressing well too but the challenges are all over whereby Muslims and fake Christians fight our fellowship there.

The KURAA fellowship is expanding much as you remember where we started the church under the tree and built an structure. Many devil worshipers and Muslims turned to Jesus and it’s actually where people are coming to from all our fellowships.

The DIBU DADACHA fellowship is coming up we just started last year where the entire village were devil worshipers and the Lord intervene and is transforming many souls after much evangelism. The Gololoe Goda fellowship is progressing well although situation is very taught there Wario Kana also had to run away from our Ethiopia fellowship and came back to Kenya side.
-Bro William Kosi (Overseer)

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